Congress doesn’t take Trump seriously I wonder why.-I’m president. Can you believe it?-No.No. They can’t.They can’t.Just take one basic detail of the bill,which is that it repeals most of Obama care taxes,resulting in more than $ billion in tax breaks,mostly for wealthy families.Senators apparently raised that issue during a White House meeting with Trump this week,but according to the Senators who were present at the meeting,Trump seemed to have no idea what they were talking about. A senator who supports the bill left the meeting.

At the White House with a sense that the president did not have a grasp of some basic elements of the Senate plan.-Watching this president try to negotiates complex piece of legislation is like playing “Call of Duty” with your grandmother.

Which one is me?Why can’t I go that way?Oh, no! They’re shooting at us!”Trump apparently did not like that story because he lashed out at the Times on Twitter, writing If you know the subject well,you’d know the goal isn’t victory,it’s good health care. I know baseball very Welland want many touchdowns for our team. Also, any time any time Trump shouts or says “Wrong.

It’s a classic tell that what he’s being accused of is accurate.Remember Donald supported the invasion of Iraq.-Wrong. -That is absolutely Wrong proved over and over again.-Wrong.-He leaned into the mic like he was.

Do you Know About Health Information Systems?

A creating zone in medicinal services that should improve the nature of care given to patients is well being data innovation or therapeutic data innovation. The motivation behind HIT is to dispense with and counteract medicinal mistakes totally.

Essentially, HIT is when well being data is traded in an electronic domain. HIT experts make utilization of Health Information Systems well being data frameworks and are entrusted with a few duties that comprise of keeping up the protection and security of electronic well being data amid transmission.

HIS are frameworks that many use for examining data acquired from different assets. The information Health Information Systems assembled is utilized for well being administrations administration. These incorporate PCs and furthermore clinical rules that are used in therapeutic research, quiet care, and different bits of social insurance.

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