Two how many knees are supervised internships or attachments and its really an area for them to practice and grow and get on-the-job experience I’m sure you can all remember your first job and you know I was I worked in a restaurant and I dropped plates and.

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I made all kinds of mistakes but you know being in sort of a supervised encouraging environment it gives them a chance to get those kinks out and 1 throughout these three phases they’re connected with the mentor someone from the local business community or other type of mental or and it just provides extra emotional support that a lot of is youth need and then they’re also engaged in a service learning project and so most of us would.

See this as community service examples are working in an old folks home or helping to paint a school or plant in a community garden it’s just an opportunity for them to give back to the community and sort of connect 11 meanwhile they’re also doing 1 entrepreneurship and in some countries 1 this is more important than others 1 um where there’s a more saturated job 1 market or the just are the opportunities 1 user encouraged to make the opportunities for themselves and so they gain experience in entrepreneurship and starting their.

Own business and after they graduate they go into the follow-on phase and this is an opportunity for us to provide continued career support the ideal situation is that they are contracted or they’re able to continue working formally where they did their internship but this doesn’t always happen and so the Alumni Association of.

The follow-on is a place where they can 1 come and get extra career support speak with additional mentors you know form groups and really you know get the extra support that they need in order to reach those goals and so that’s our program it’s about eight to nine months and again.

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